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Aircon sizes

For a precise assessment of the correct size of airconditioner required, a qualified aircon installer will need to do an on-site check as there are a number of different factors to consider. The following information will however give you an approximate guide to the aircon capacity required for a particular area.

First multiply the length of your room by the width to calculate square metres. Then use the table to identify the size of the unit required.

For a room of approximately:   Aircon Size Required:
15 to 18 m² : 9000 BTU
20 to 25 m² : 12 000 BTU
30 to 35 m² : 18 000 BTU
40 to 45 m² : 24 000 BTU
55 to 60 m² : 30 000 BTU
Larger areas :  
mid wall aircon


cassette airconditioner


ducted aircon

Ducted Split

portable airconditioner


Underceiling Airconditioning


VRV System

VRV System

Rooftop Package Aircon

Rooftop Package

Window Wall Airconditioning

Window Wall

air Curtains

Air Curtains

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