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Boys Town organization

Little Eden

At LITTLE EDEN, we believe that no matter how profoundly disabled a person may be, he or she is still a whole complete being, with a body; a mind; a spirit and a soul.

Our special children may not experience the world in the same way that we do, but they have so much to teach us!

From them we learn about the power of the human spirit, the joy to be found in simple achievements, the satisfaction of caring for those who are weaker than ourselves, love that seeks no reward.


Little Eden

Girls & Boys Town

The story of Girls and Boys Town is one of the most heart-warming tales of human endeavour of the 20th Century. it is a story of faith, courage and compassion – one that captured the imagination of the world and changed the way South Africa cares for challenged youth.

Founded by the late Bishop Reginald Orsmond in 1958 and based on the principles of Father Flanagan's famous Girls & Boys Town in Nebraska, USA, Girls & Boys Town has given thousands of children of all races, genders, faith and languages a second chance.


Streetlight School

Streetlight Schools

When the lights went out at home because her mother wasn’t able to pay the bill, Judy would move outside to finish her homework under a streetlight. Today, Judy is a graduate of Columbia University and a Mandela Rhodes Scholar. She recently bought her mother a new home. But it all started under that streetlight. At Streetlight Schools, we want to be that point of light for learners.

By completely re-imagining standards, environments, and approaches to learning, Streetlight Schools is creating globally competitive schools in some of the most underserved communities in South Africa. With our innovations in Academic Approach, Facility, and Professional Development, we are demonstrating that it is possible to present a new vision for South African education.

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