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How to Maintain & Repair an Air Conditioner

Air conditioner Maintenance

There are two separate components in Central air conditioners: the condenser and the evaporator. The condenser unit is located outside the house on a concrete slab, whereas the evaporator coil is mounted in the plenum or main duct junction above the furnace. Most central air conditioners are connected to a home's forced-air distribution system. Therefore the same motor, blower and ductwork that is used for heating, is also used to distribute cool air from the air conditioning system. Hot air inside the house flows to the furnace through the return-air duct when a central air conditioner is operating. The blower then moves the hot air across the cooled evaporator coil in the plenum and is then delivered through ducts to cool the house. However, if the air conditioner works but doesn’t cool the house, this means the distribution system might be faulty. Other than routine cleaning, always ensure a professional service person is called for any maintenance as both the evaporator and the condenser are sealed. It is also necessary to have central air conditioners professionally inspected and serviced before the beginning of every cooling season. In order to keep your system in good condition and operating efficiently, do not let your maintenance end with this annual service as there are specific maintenance procedures you can follow yourself even though there aren’t many repairs you can do. Caution: Before commencing any work on an air conditioning system, always ensure power to the system, the condenser and evaporator assembly is turned off.

How to Buy an Air Conditioner

When choosing an air conditioner, there are many factors to consider such as price, energy efficiency and cooling capacity. Choosing the type of air conditioner that is suitable for your home, also depends on your room size, window or wall opening and the installation requirements. It is also advisable to compare different units before making a choice as modern air conditioners have many advanced features. You can also research how to buy an air conditioner so that you choose an appropriate unit that will save you money and energy while keeping your place cool. Step1: It’s best to shop for an air conditioner in the cooler months. This is a time when most brands are on sale and more than likely in stock. Step2: Decide between a window, portable or wall air conditioning unit. A portable unit has wheels, is light weight and vented through windows, it does not need mounting in a window like a window unit. Wall units are placed in holes that are cut into exterior walls. Step 3: Always measure the rooms to be cooled. An air conditioner should be chosen with the right cooling capacity for that specific area, as a unit with too high of a cooling capacity for the space can turn on and off too often. Step 4: Check the cooling capacity. This is measured in British thermal units (BTUs) per hour; more cooling capacity mean higher BTUs. Step 5: Compare the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of air conditioners. To reduce the use of energy, opt for units with higher EER ratings which are displayed on modern air conditioners. Step 6: Ensure the louvers of the air conditioner are motorized or adjustable. To provide adequate cooling, air needs to be directed at the centre of a room. In the event of the window being off-centre, you will need to adjust the vent to the correct position. Some models have rotating louvers to circulate air. Step 7: Consider special features. Modern air conditioners comes with a remote control which enables you to adjust the settings from across the room. Another beneficial feature is Timers which allows you to program the unit to switch on just before you get home from work, or you can set different power levels for different times of the day. Also look for filters that removes dust, odours and allergens. Step 8: Get advice and feedback. It’s always wise to seek advice from family members or friends who have recently purchased an air conditioner before embarking on buying one for yourself. Also read reviews, do model comparisons from reliable resources and consumer sites and always be on the look-out for complaints about specific models and/or companies. Step 9: Inspect the air conditioning unit in the store. Switch it on in the store to check the noise level and to familiarise yourself with the operating instructions. Step 10: Find out how to install the unit. Because of the weight of the air conditioner it cannot be installed by only 1 person and also to avoid injury, frustration and to save time, try choosing a retailer who offers fitting and installation. Some air conditioners require additional hardware or 220v electrical wiring and the unit must be the right size for your window or

Airconditioning Services

What To Look For When Considering Airconditioning Services Air-conditioning is one of the most beneficial modern-day conveniences that we have. Without it we would be miserable during the summer months when the heat can be unbearable. However, even though we rely on air-conditioning each day of our lives, we often don’t think about the care and maintenance that is required to ensure that our units will work at the optimum levels. Relying on the airconditioning services from trained professionals is a great way to ensure that your air-conditioning unit will be properly maintained. Why Is It Important To Maintain My Air-Conditioning Unit? Air-conditioning units can be complicated pieces of technology. They rely on many different mechanical functions that are often above the knowledge level of the typical consumer. Think of air-conditioning units in the same way that you think of a car. You can bring your car to a mechanic regularly and pay a little for routine maintenance, or you can wait until your car breaks down. If you wait too long and your car breaks down, then you will have to pay a considerable amount to restore it. The same goes with air-conditioning units. If you do not properly maintain your air-conditioning unit throughout the duration of its lifetime, the unit could end up breaking, requiring costly repairs in the future. Over the long run, airconditioning services can help you maintain your unit and save money while doing it. When contracting airconditioning services, you have access to individuals who are highly trained in their field of work. Likewise, air-conditioning contractors will have access to the necessary coolant chemicals that typically are not available to the general public. If needed, this coin can help your condition run much more efficiently and can actually save you money in the long run. What to look for when hiring an air-conditioning repair service? When hiring an air-conditioning repair service, you’ll want to check to see if they can perform routine service checks on your unit. When performing these checks, these trained professionals should look at the condensing units, check the oil level in the fan motors, check pressures and temperatures, and check the draw level of air in the unit. Many of these services offer different deals depending on what the season is, so it’s a good idea to check with them so that you can get the lowest price for the service rendered. One of the benefits of seeking professional airconditioning services rather than trying to fix things yourself is that you have the peace of mind knowing that they are experienced in what they are doing. Purchasing an air-conditioning unit is oftentimes an expensive investment and without the proper training it is easy to ruin the complicated equipment. Most air-conditioning contractors will carry insurance to guard against in the accident that might happen with the air-conditioning unit. If you do it yourself, then you run the risk of ruining something without being able to replace. If you have yet to perform maintenance on your air-conditioning unit this year, you should consider airconditioning services to help ensure that your unit is in great shape. Doing so will not only increase the efficiency of your air-conditioning unit, but it will also save you money in the future.

Airconditioning Services Can Make Your Unit More Efficient

How Airconditioning Services Can Make Your Unit More Efficient When the hottest months of the year hit, you begin to realize that the only way you will make it through those toasty summer days is by cranking your AC unit. But, once you receive that first air conditioning bill, you may find yourself looking into alternative cooling methods to save on money while still living comfortably. What most people don’t consider is hiring out a company offering airconditioning services that can make your unit run more efficiently, saving you money and keeping you cool. Repair Leaks In Air Ducts One simple but effective fix airconditioning services can offer are the repair of leaking air ducts. Ducts with holes can leak air into spaces of your home that don’t need cooling. This leaves the rooms that you are trying to pipe the air to hot and seemingly with no cool air-flow. Many people make the mistake of cranking up the air and trying to blast the cold into the hottest spaces. This method only increases your electricity bill and half-effectively cools your home. Fixing the leaks may be one of the quickest and easiest ways to keep your air running correctly and saving you money. Add Insulation Even if your AC unit is running at top performance levels, that cold air may be leaving your home just as quickly as it is being produced. Proper insulation helps to keep in the cool air and block out the hot. Likewise, once the cold air has been created by your cooling unit, extra insulation may be the solution to keeping it colder in your house for a longer time. Local airconditioning services are usually up to date on the best and most cost effective insulation methods for your area. Upgrade Your AC System If you have an older cooling unit, and you plan on staying in your home for several more years, you may want to talk to your local AC repair service about upgrading to a newer, energy efficient system. Even if your current AC unit is only eight to ten years old, a new unit may be the best solution to lowering your monthly utility bill and keeping your home cooled to a reasonable comfort level. Vast improvements have been made in the energy efficiency of cooling units in recent years. Not only will you be adding value to your home for resale, but making it more comfortable to live in, and saving loads of money each month. If you can afford a new unit, this option is a fairly positive one if you unit is old and in disrepair. Ask For Simple Money-Saving Tips Talking with airconditioning services in your area may give you some simple solutions about what can be done to save costs on a regular basis without repair or new unit installation. Talk with a repair person about what you can do day to day to keep your bills low while still living in comfort. Some common tips include setting a timer on your thermostat to turn it off when it reaches a specific temperature or time of day. Likewise, turning off your unit when you are away on vacation or running errands for a longer period of time can help you to save a little cash here and there. Talk with your local airconditioning services to see what tips they would recommend for your particular geographic area.

The Importance Of Having Air Conditioning In Your Home

With record breaking temperatures being reported all over the western United States, it’s becoming ever apparent that air conditioning in many areas isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. If it’s something that you still don’t have, it’s definitely time to start considering investing in aircon installation. There are many reasons air conditioning can benefit you. Here are some of the reasons you should invest in an air conditioner in your home. First and foremost is the comfort factor that air conditioning brings to your home. Your home should be your ultimate refuge from the elements; a place where you can unwind and forget about outside troubles. If you’re constantly sweating while you’re at home, you’ll simply have a hard time relaxing enough to enjoy your time there. If you invest in aircon installation, you’ll be able to have your home as your sanctuary from the scorching weather outside. In the end, regarding physical comfort, the weather in your home should be transparent; it shouldn’t be something you really even notice after time. Having no air conditioning will only allow you to concentrate on the heat within your home. Beyond the comfort factors, there are also some physical health issues you’ll be susceptible to if you don’t invest in aircon installation. If you’re constantly enduring hot weather, you’ll leave yourself open to heat exhaustion, dehydration, and many other things that could negatively affect your health. There are obviously other factors that go into avoiding these things in the heat, such as drinking plenty of water to remain hydrated, but the simple fact is that if you don’t have air conditioning, it can be quite difficult to keep your core temperature down during the summer. With air conditioning, you don’t need to worry about such things. Another health-related aspect of investing in aircon installation comes from the air circulation within your home. If you don’t have a device such as an air conditioner to circulate the air, it becomes stagnant and can make it more difficult on your respiratory system. This makes it especially difficult for individuals with problems such as asthma, as it can aggravate their condition due to the dust and other debris that will fill the air. If you have air conditioning, it will filter out much of that type of debris, which will purify the air and make it much easier to breathe. Aside from the above factors, there’s also the fact that, if you never invest in aircon installation, your home will be a place your friends won’t want to congregate. Spending time in a hot home is not anyone’s idea of a good time, so it can be difficult to convince people to spend any time there. As stated above, the temperature within your home shouldn’t be something you’ll notice, so if your friends notice the heat within your home, it will be a place they’d rather avoid. There are plenty of reasons to take the time and effort to find a good air conditioner for your home. Ultimately, it will make your home a much more welcoming place to go to, so if you don’t have air conditioning, it’s a good time to look into that.

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